Musakhan Express

  • Chicken

  • Easy to PrepareEasy to Prepare

  • Family FriendlyFamily Friendly

  • Breastfeeding FriendlyBreastfeeding Friendly
(4 customer reviews)

Price:70 AED

An express way to cook and enjoy this favorite traditional Palestinian recipe.
Ingredients: Chicken (800 grams), Onion, Sumac, Spices, Olive Oil, Pine Nuts, Saj Bread


Preparation: 5 min | Cooking: 75 min Recipe Card

4 reviews for Musakhan Express

  1. Noor

    We tried the Musakhan Express and the flavor of the chicken was amazing, just the right amount of sumac and other spices. Best thing is I didn’t do much other than pop it in the oven. I also love that it came in a glass pyrex as that reduces plastic packaging.

  2. Deema

    The taste is well-balanced and light, and it’s super easy and fast to make, I ordered two servings but the amount is enough for 3-4 ppl, well done Sumac

  3. Amr

    It was an amazing experience to try out the Musakhan Express, an absolutely delicious and a very easy to prepare meal. It has nothing but truly excellent quality ingredients. Kudos!

  4. Sozan

    الأغراض يلي وصلت بالطلب ،كتير مرتبة وطازجة،إلتزمت بالوصفة تماما وأنا عم أعمل المسخن،وطلعت النتيجة روووعة،على الأصول تماما ،عنجد شكرا كتير لفريق سماق،على التميز والدقة.

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