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At Sumac, we’re about more than just amazing family meals! We’re also committed to fighting hunger, reducing food waste, and being good stewards of this amazing planet, we call home. Join the Sumac Mission and experience…

Gourmet Quality Meals with Ease:

We use high quality, in-season ingredients to produce healthier, tastier meals that your family will love. Whether enjoying a cozy dinner at home or planning a festive get-together for the weekend, we have everything you need for a five-star dining experience.

Hand-picked Recipes:

Our creatively crafted menus feature traditional Middle Eastern dishes, as well as mouth-watering fusion cuisines that will make every meal magical with the ones you love.

Fighting Hunger:

Every order gets matched with a donated meal through our partnership with the amazing Food ATM that provides freshly-prepared, nourishing meals daily to families in need.

Reducing Food Waste:

Through our partnerships, we ensure food waste is drastically reduced, helping combat the estimated 30% of food wasted globally each year.

Supporting Local Suppliers:

We work hard to source our ingredients locally, as much as possible. Supporting local farmers and businesses allows us to keep your costs down and our quality high, while giving back to the community we serve.

Protecting the Planet:

We only have one planet and it’s our responsibility to protect it and preserve it so that our children can enjoy it for generations to come. With that commitment in mind, Sumac strives to reduce our ecological footprint by minimizing packaging and reducing waste as much as possible.

We are environmentally conscious

by offering gourmet festive meals for the weekends.

We help feed the hungry,

every meal you purchase gets matched with a meal that is given to the needy through our partnership with the amazing ATM Food Bank in the UAE.

We offer fresh seasonal ingredients

with easy step-by-step instructions with chef’s tips and tricks. We even offer to wash and chop on your behalf if you want to save your precious time.

We offer diversity

You can go with the Granny menu and enjoy traditional Middle eastern cuisine, else you can opt for the more adventurous fusion menu, and for each we offer main dishes as well as salads, condiments and desserts.

What to Expect

A little food waste can't be that bad. Can it? You might be surprised! Did you know that…

OK, so food waste is a SERIOUS problem. But, why me? It’s just a family dinner, why is this so important for my family? Let’s talk psychology…

Six Reasons to have family dinner from the book “The Hour that Matters Most, the Surprising Power of the Family Meal” by Les and Leslie Parrott with Stephanies Allen Tina Kina

1. 61% of kids find their parents more relaxed and fun to be around when they have dinner together

3. 70% of kids appreciate their parents more when they take the time to share a meal together.

5. Children who eat family dinners consume more fruits & vegetables and less junk food.

2. 65% of parents feel less stressed when they eat dinner with their spouses as a family.

4. Kids in families eating together have less likelihood to smoke and develop eating disorders.

6. There is a strong relationship between love in a home and the richness of the family dinner table.

Family dinners matter! Oprah Winfrey conducted a family dinner experiment on her talk show. Five families accepted the challenge to eat dinner together every night for a month, staying at the table for a minimum of half an hour each time. As part of the experiment, family members kept journals to record their feelings about the experience. At the beginning, sharing meals was a chore for many families, and the minutes at the table dragged. By the end of the month, all families were happy and planned to continue dining together most evenings, if not every night.