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Maan Sardast

Cofounder and main recipe architect. Maan is a development and projects manager in the F&B industry with degrees in Chemical Engineering from Tennessee Technological University and the University of British Columbia. A strong believer in recycling, optimal resource utilization, waste management, emission minimization, environmental sustainability and wealth sharing, Maan has been a cooking enthusiast who authored two manuscripts on both Middle Eastern and Fusion cuisines.


Yasmine Sardast

Yasmine Sardast, Kids meal advisor. Yasmine is a first grader at Clarion School in Dubai. She started developing passion for tasting and cooking at the age of three. With a genuine interest in world’s cuisines, Yasmine has been helping Sumac adapting more recipes to be child-friendly, as well as exploring ways through which families and kids can enjoy healthy meal time together.

Mutaz Awad

Operations Manager and conductor. Mutaz has extensive experience in operations, with a focus on the Food & Beverage Industry. Starting with a BA in Music from the University of Jordan, Mutaz had a key role in operation management and recipe creation in many restaurants across Dubai. He also launched the Tahi Al Tuha academy in Jordan, which is a culinary academy for kids. Mutaz has many signature dishes that he has mastered over the years.